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Peter Brinkley

Peter Brinkley

Peter Brinkley is a highly reputable agent with extensive industry experience. For over 40 years, he has serviced the Greater Auckland real estate industry with stellar ratings and reviews. Not only does Peter offer the best advice for property buyers and sellers, he also listens to each client’s concerns and goes above and beyond the call of duty to achieve their desired results. With honesty, integrity, and especially trust, Peter has built a successful career that is heralded by his colleagues and clients. It’s this passion and commitment that has propelled him to unparalleled heights in this challenging and diverse industry. From beachfront abodes to multi-million dollar properties, Peter specialises in a myriad of listings and offers a full suite of comprehensive services for new and existing buyers/sellers.

With a strong emphasis on presentation, Peter has helped countless clients sell their properties at premium rates. Similarly, he has helped numerous buyers find the home of their dreams. As a fully dedicated and trusted agent, Peter truly puts his heart into his work. This is more than just a job for Peter – it’s his life’s work and the driving force behind a successful and storied career. Whether you are looking to sell or invest, all new and recurring clients are assured:

·         - An agent with over 40 years of extensive experience that exceeds client expectations and industry norms.

·         - Excellent communications – impeccable people skills – a true love and passion for the industry.

·         - Personalised services that engage clients in all aspects of property selling and investing.

·         - Honesty, integrity, trust and true professionalism in all real estate sales and purchases.

·         - Real-time and sound advice on industry trends, changes, and developments.

·         - Helping clients to maximise their assets and showcasing properties at the highest levels of presentation.

·         - An agent who has and will continue to work hard to ensure the best services and outcomes for all vendors and clients.

With the New Zealand real estate market continuing to boom, you need a highly experienced and reputable agent on your side. Peter Brinkley is always committed to providing top-notch services and results for all clients. For more information, contact Peter today and get the results you deserve!
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